Developers to the core-, frontend- and the integrations and apps team

Stockholm Apply before: 2019-10-31

Are you ready to build a successful career as a developer for a SaaS company? Join one of Sweden’s fastest growing tech companies!

At Scrive, you’ll be working with the Nordic leader in e-signing, offering premium solutions for all channels from online to in-store. With a wide customer base, we're serving enterprise companies all over the world in industries like telecom, finance, automotive and more.

We’re now looking for people to join the core team, the frontend team and the integrations and apps team.


Do we have a match?

Would you like to be part of a team driven by constant improvement? Enjoy using creativity, collaboration, and dedication to stay on top of your competition? Ever wanted to work at a company where customer care is the top priority? If your answers are “Yes!” then we may very well have a match.

Here’s a unique chance to join a well-funded, great-positioned startup, growing at an exciting pace. You will play a vital role in taking us to the next level. From our greatly located office in central Stockholm, we’re constantly refining one of the most innovative products on the tech startup scene.

We'll give you all the tools you need to get up and running but onboarding is not a one-off. With continuous training and development, we'll make you become a digitization superstar.  


Job Description

We have a stable backend written in Haskell, that interfaces with PostgreSQL using hpqtypes, with a dash of Java for manipulating PDFs.

Built to use this backend, we have:

  • Two React front-end interfaces (one old, one new and fresh).
  • A separate product written in Node.js, React, and PostgreSQL that also contains its own domain-specific language.
  • Mobile/tablet apps.
  • Windows software - a shell extension and a printer driver.
  • Various other pieces of software that integrates with our API: CRM plugins, Browser plugins, code for offboarding documents to our customers’ bespoke systems etc.

We need multiple people for various roles working with any and all of these code bases. The person taking this role must be willing and able to develop complete features, going through all layers in the tech stack that is required. We also have tasks related to maintenance of existing code, of course.

Everyone in Engineering contributes to the system architecture, so the work will contain not just lots of development, but also elements of system architecture in cooperation with other engineers as you spend more time with the company. We review each other’s code based on skills and experience.

As our product handles sensitive and important documents and needs to be available 24/7/365, attention to quality is an essential trait for any candidate. We are currently facing more and more complex use cases for our product so being able to wrap one's brain around a large system and solve problems in it is also required.

The successful candidate would join the Engineering team and report to the CTO.


What We Need From You

Experience: Mid-level, Senior.

We are looking for people to join the core team, the frontend team and the integrations and apps team. They have somewhat differing skill requirements.


  • Haskell
  • JavaScript, preferably experience with React
  • SQL (Postgres)
  • Linux
  • Bonus points for Java, Node.js



  • JavaScript and ES6+
  • React with Redux/Flux
  • CSS
  • Node
  • Have worked with responsive sites
  • Less, Flexbox and CSS Grid experience is useful
  • Bonus points for webpack, Haskell, Java
  • Serious negative points: not knowing HTML



This is more of a wish list as we do not know the requirements for all the kinds of integrations we may need to create. We realise few people can claim “expert status” for all of these. So the more of a computer language polyglot or jack-of-all-trades you are, the better!

  • Javascript (for Node, browser and web app plugins, frontend)
  • Haskell
  • Java
  • .NET
  • VB.NET
  • VBA
  • Win32
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Enjoys direct customer interactions


All the roles share the following hard requirements:

  • Very good written and spoken English
  • Willing and able to travel at least twice per year to conference location
  • Documentation skills
  • Used to writing tests
  • Used to working remotely (if you are not already located in Stockholm)
  • We have meetings during central European office hours, meaning that you probably are on GMT+/-3 time
  • Requirement to work within the EU


Bonus points for:

  • Hackage contributions
  • Contributions to the Javascript ecosystem
  • Other open source contributions
  • Being a computer language polyglot - the more languages and frameworks you are comfortable with, the better.
  • Deep knowledge of PDF internals
  • Good knowledge of SQL / PostgreSQL
  • AWS ecosystem services
  • Cryptography
  • All natural language skills but extra for languages used in the EU
  • Legal background


What we offer

Working Environment:

  • Full-time job
  • Working remotely is perfectly fine if you are not located in Stockholm, in fact, almost our entire Engineering team is remote
  • Morning stand-ups
  • Lots of voice/video meetings
  • Biannual all-hands conferences and team-building in Sweden or elsewhere
  • Both “brown” and “green” code bases
  • Continuous integration and regular code reviews
  • Your opinion will count
  • Paid sick leave
  • 30 days/annum paid leave
  • Well care contribution
  • More work than you can shake a stick at
  • A ticket to ride on very exciting journey of growth to world domination


Our Tool Chain:

  • MacOS or Linux (Windows is only for engineers actually developing for Windows)
  • AWS EC2
  • PostgreSQL (AWS RDS)
  • AWS Lambda
  • Redis
  • Github + Reviewable
  • Teamcity
  • Jira
  • Google Apps
  • Slack/Zoom

No recruitment agency solicitations!!!

Tage Borg, CTO